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Ammonium sulfate granular
Ammonium sulfate granular Ammonium sulfate granular Ammonium sulfate granular Ammonium sulfate granular Ammonium sulfate granular

Ammonium sulfate granular

Product ID : AS-121
Product Attributes :

Name: Ammonium sulfate granular

Formula: (NH4)2SO4

N: 20.5%

S: 23%

Moisture: 1%

Size: 2-5mm

Product Description


First-class ammonium sulfate with the best quality: no visible mechanical impurities in appearance, nitrogen content ≥ 21.0%, free acid content ≤ 0.05%, moisture % ≤ 0.3. The pure product of ammonium sulfate is a colorless orthorhombic crystal, and the industrial product is a white to light yellow crystal. Ammonium sulfate granular are made of ammonium sulfate crystals through extrusion and granulation.

Pure ammonium sulfate is a colorless transparent orthorhombic crystal, and its aqueous solution is acidic. Insoluble in alcohol, acetone and ammonia. It is hygroscopic, and will condense into blocks after absorbing moisture. When heated above 513°C, it can be completely decomposed into ammonia, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and water. When reacting with alkalis, ammonia gas is released. React with barium chloride solution to form barium sulfate precipitate. Salting out of proteins can also occur.

Ammonium sulfate: colorless crystals or white granules. Odorless. Decompose above 280°C. The solubility of ammonium sulfate in water is: 70.6g at 0°C and 103.8g at 100°C. Insoluble in ethanol and acetone. The pH of 0.1mol/L aqueous solution is 5.5. The relative density is 1.77. The refractive index is 1.521. Ammonium sulfate granular are mainly used as fertilizers and are suitable for various soils and crops. It can also be used in textile, leather, medicine and other aspects.

As one of the suppliers of ammonium sulfate in China, Tianjin Xingyu Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd. can provide ammonium sulfate crystals and ammonium sulfate granular for domestic and foreign customers. Our company mainly supplies agricultural fertilizer grade ammonium sulfate, which is used as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. It is also a sulfur fertilizer. Nitrogen is a nutrient element of special importance in plant life. The average content of nitrogen in plants is about 1.5% of the dry weight, and the content ranges from 0.3% to 5.0%. 


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