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Ammonium sulphate granule
Ammonium sulphate granule Ammonium sulphate granule Ammonium sulphate granule Ammonium sulphate granule Ammonium sulphate granule

Ammonium sulphate granule

Product ID : AS-123
Product Attributes :

Name: Ammonium sulphate granule

Formula: (NH4)2SO4

N: 20.5%

S: 23%

Moisture: 1%

Size: 2-5mm

Product Description


How to identify the quality of ammonium sulfate?

(1) Look at the shape: Ammonium sulfate is a small crystalline particle, or a white ammonium sulphate granule.

(2) Color: The ammonium sulfate of top grade products is white, while the ammonium sulfate of first grade and qualified products can be white, gray, green, blue, red, and other colors.

(3) Smell: Some ammonium sulfate has a gas odor, while others have no odor.

(4) Observation of dissolution phenomenon: Add water to a glass or white porcelain bowl, then add a small amount of ammonium sulfate with a rice spoon, stir or shake with clean chopsticks, and it can be found that ammonium sulfate can completely dissolve in water.

(5) Measure pH value: Insert a pH wide test paper into the ammonium sulfate solution, and the test paper will appear slightly red.

(6) Observing the burning phenomenon of the iron sheet: After the iron sheet is turned red, a small amount of ammonium sulfate is placed on the iron sheet. It can be observed that the fertilizer gradually melts, and the fertilizer particles bounce on the iron sheet, emitting white smoke and a pungent ammonia smell. After melting, there is residue on the iron sheet, but no burning phenomenon will occur.

Ammonium sulphate granule is a physiological acidic quick acting nitrogen fertilizer that is generally suitable for crops such as wheat, corn, rice, cotton, sweet potatoes, hemp, fruit trees, vegetables, etc. For soils, ammonium sulfate is most suitable for neutral and alkaline soils, but not for acidic soils. It is also used as analytical reagent (precipitant, masking agent), supporting electrolyte in electrochemical analysis, Microbiological culture medium and ammonium salt preparation.

Ammonium sulphate granule should be moisture-proof during transportation and prevent damage to the packaging bag. During storage, attention should be paid to the flatness of the ground. The warehouse should be cool, ventilated and dry. It is strictly prohibited to contact with lime, cement, Wood ash and other alkaline substances or alkaline fertilizers (such as calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer) or store them in the same warehouse. The stacking height of the packaging bags should be less than 7 meters.

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