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Tianjin Xingyu Fertilizer Industry Co.,Ltd. (Referred to as XYF) is professional

magnesium sulphate suppliers and manufacturer since 1993. XYF is located in Tianjin, China,

the only magnesium sulphate suppliers manufacturer in Tianjin, which is 80 kilometers away

from Tianjin port, takes full advantage of its geographic location.

The main product of XYF is MAGNESIUM SULPHATE, there are many different kinds:

1) Magensium sulphate heptahydrate;

2) Magnesium sulphate trihydrate;

3) Magnesium sulphate monohydrate;

4) Magensium sulphate anhydrous;

5) Kieserite

Except Kieserite, all the magnesium sulphates are water soluble complete fertilizer, they can be directly

dissolved in water and used as foliar fertilizer or irrigation. As a professional water soluble complete

fertilizer manufacturer, regarding to the usage of our products, there is not only magnesium sulphate

agriculture use, but also can be used in industry, such as paper making, MgO board. 


Suitable plants for Magnesium sulphate agriculture use:

Strawberry, banana, potato, tomato, soybean, corn, wheat


The data sheet of XYF manufacturer:

Item Data Item Data
Factory cover area 20000m2 Annual output 120000tons
Workshop 8000m2 Export experience 10 years
Warehouse 3000m2 Fast delivery time 7-15 days