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Tianjin Xingyu Fertilizer Industry Co.,Ltd. is a Magnsium sulphate factory, which was

founded in 1993. XYF covers an area of 20000m2, with three workshops. 

Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate workshop:


Daily output: 100tons;

Package: 25kg/pp bag; 50kg/pp bag or jumbo bag;


1) One kind of 100% water soluble magnesium sulphate uses in agriculture;

2) Material of MgO board;

3) Addtitive of food;

4)Cement curing agent

Magnesium sulphate anhydrous workshop:


Daily output: 100tons;

Package: 25kg/pp bag; or jumbo bag;


1)Magnesium sulphate uses in agriculture as supplement of magnesium in compound fertilizer;

2)  Desiccant

Kieserite(Magnesium sulphate monohydrate) workshop:


Daily output: 100tons;

Package: 50kg/pp bag; or jumbo bag;


Used as base fertilizer or base fertilizer


As a magnesium sulphate factory, our product's price is very competitive, because all the material are very stable, so the quality is stable. Thank you for choosing us.