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Ammonium sulfate soluble
Ammonium sulfate soluble Ammonium sulfate soluble Ammonium sulfate soluble Ammonium sulfate soluble Ammonium sulfate soluble

Ammonium sulfate soluble

Product ID : AS-113
Product Attributes :

Name: Ammonium sulfate soluble

Formula: (NH4)2SO4

N: 21%

S: 24%

Moisture: 1%

Appearance: white crystal

Product Description


Ammonium sulfate can promote the production of fruits, vegetables, and grains, but the prerequisite is that high-quality ammonium sulfate is the raw material that promotes crop growth. If the quality is not done well, the crop will suffer losses. Therefore, before use, it is necessary to find ways to distinguish the quality of ammonium sulfate powder. The method for distinguishing the quality of ammonium sulfate powder is as follows:

1) Color: Good quality ammonium sulfate appears white, and colors such as gray, green, blue, and red are all acceptable.

2) Observation ammonium sulfate soluble: Using a water cup type container, add clean water, take a small amount of ammonium sulfate and add it to the container. Stir or shake it, and the high-quality ammonium sulfate will completely dissolve in the water.

3) Observing the burning phenomenon of iron sheets: After the iron sheets are turned red, a small amount of ammonium sulfate is placed on the sheets, and it can be observed that they gradually melt but do not burn, which is high-quality ammonium sulfate.

High quality ammonium sulfate soluble in water with almost no impurities, can be used as a supplement to nitrogen and sulfur in water-soluble fertilizers and as one of the raw materials for the production of compound fertilizers.

Our ammonium sulfate has been tested by multiple third-party testing institutions, and the test results all comply with national standards and European and American standards.

Ammonium sulfate can provide a large amount of growth element nitrogen and sulfur for crops. In fertilizers, its price is not high and it is easily ammonium sulfate soluble in water.

As a supplier of ammonium sulfate, we can supply factory packaged ammonium sulfate or provide customized packaging, either 25kg or 50kg, and we can also make ton bags. Customers can choose according to their own needs, and we will do our best to meet their needs.


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