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Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate:

Other name: Ammonium sulphate price;

Grade: Caprolactam grade or steel grade;

Appearance: Crystal or ammonium sulphate granular;

Ammonium sulfate granular is mainly suitable as a fertilizer for alkaline soil. When use granular ammonium sulphate in soil, ammonium ions are released and form a small amount of acid, reducing the pH balance of the soil and providing essential nitrogen for plant growth, the ammonium sulfate soluble is 100% in water, therefore the ammonium sulfate granule can be completely absorbed by the soil

Ammonium sulphate granular can also be used as an agricultural spray assistant for water-soluble pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Because ammonium sulfate granular is completely soluble in water.

Ammonium sulfate fertilizer is a high-quality nitrogen fertilizer suitable for use in soil and crops, and the ammonium sulphate price is competitive. It can be applied as a base fertilizer, as well as topdressing and seed fertilizer. Due to the good ammonium sulfate soluble is very good of ammonium sulfate powder and its utilization in soil absorption, reasonable consumption of ammonium sulphate fertilizer can promote healthier growth of branches and leaves, while improving the quality of fruits. As a primary agent of ammonium sulphate fertiliser, we can provide the best ammonia sulphate price.

Ammonium sulfate granule can also be used as a food additive and as an acidity regulator in flour and bread.

Regarding to our ammonium sulfate 21 0 0 granular fertilizer has good hardness, 20-30N, which is slow release, the ammonium sulphate granule also can mix with other compound fertilizer.

As for granular ammonium sulphate, the package can be 25kg or 50kg bag or jumbo bag, and the loading quantity for 20GP for ammonium sulphate granular is 27tons, with pallet can be 25tons. Our company also accept the third party inspection for ammonium sulfate 21 0 0 granular fertilizer, including the index for N,S, moisture, free acid and heavy metal.