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Anhydrous magnesium sulphate
Anhydrous magnesium sulphate Anhydrous magnesium sulphate Anhydrous magnesium sulphate Anhydrous magnesium sulphate Anhydrous magnesium sulphate

Anhydrous magnesium sulphate

Product ID : XY-A-95
Product Attributes :

Anhydrous magnesium sulphate


Particle size: 20-80mesh


Product Description

Anhydrous magnesium sulphate introduction:

Purity: 98% and 99%

Size: 8-20mesh, 20-80mesh and 80-120mesh;

Color: white 


There are several different grade of magnesium sulphate anhydrous:

Agriculture grade magnesium sulphate anhydrous:

Magnesium sulfate contains sulfur and magnesium, two essential nutrients for crops. Magnesium

sulfate can not only increase the yield of crops, but also improve the taste of crops' fruits.

1) Because magnesium is a component of chlorophyll and pigment, and the only metal element in the

chlorophyll molecule, magnesium can promote photosynthesis and promote the formation of carbohydrates,

proteins and fats. 

2) Magnesium can also promote the formation of vitamin A and vitamin C in crops, thus improving the

quality of fruits, vegetables and other crops. Sulfur is necessary for the synthesis of amino acids, proteins,

cellulose and enzymes in crops.

3) At the same time, magnesium sulfate can also promote the absorption of silicon and phosphorus by crops.

Food grade anhydrous magnesium sulphate:

It can be used in dairy products with a dosage of 3-7g/kg; The dosage used in drinking liquid and milk

drink is 1.4 ~ 2.8g/kg; In mineral drinks, the large dosage is 0.05g/kg. Industrial water is mostly used

in combination with calcium salt for mother liquor. The hardness can be increased by 1 degree by

adding 4.4g/100l water. If it is used in many ways, it will produce bitter taste. The role of food-grade

magnesium sulfate in food will produce biochemical hydrogen odor. It is used for tanning, paper

making, porcelain, fertilizer, oral laxatives and mineral water additives.

II. The loading of anhydrous magnesium sulphate:

1) 25kg pp bag, 25tons per 20ft container;

2) 25kg bag with pallet:

It is 22 tons per 20ft container, and when we loading, we will put paper carton between each pallet,

On the top of each pallet, we also will put one papar carton, the purpose is to ensure that the user

will not slide the bag and cause damage when inserting the tray when unloading.

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