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21 0 0 Fertilizer ammonium sulphate granular also called ammonium sulfate granular, it is one kind of squeezed particles, it is important 21 0 0 24 fertilizer.

The color of granular ammonium sulphate can be white, blue or other colors.

The grade of ammonium sulfate granule: caprolactam grade or steel grade; 

The N content of ammonium sulphate granule: 20.0%-21.0%;Contains very small amounts of free acids

The particle size of ammonium sulfate 21 0 0 granular fertilizer: 2-5mm 90%;

Ammonium sulfate granular can be used as a base 21 0 0 24 fertilizer, as well as topdressing and seed fertilizer.

The advantage of ammonium sulphate granular is good hardness, less powder, strong water solubility of ammonium sulphate 21, easy absorption, and no residue. XYF ammonium sulphate granule is with less than 1% chlorine,undoped ammonium chloride. As we are big ammonium sulfate granule supplier, the N content and moisture can be customized as your need. The 21 0 0 fertilier are enough with N element. And our ammonium sulphate 21 had tested by SGS, Intertek and BV department.

Ammonium sulfate 21 0 0 granular fertilizer is excellent nitrogen fertilizer, help all the crops grow well. Welcome to your inquiry about our granular ammonium sulphate.