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Magnesium sulphate hepta granule
Magnesium sulphate hepta granule Magnesium sulphate hepta granule Magnesium sulphate hepta granule Magnesium sulphate hepta granule Magnesium sulphate hepta granule

Magnesium sulphate hepta granule

Product ID : MgS-61
Product Attributes :

magnesium sulphate hepta

size: 1-3mm

Purity: 99% or 99.5%


Product Description

Item name: Magnesium sulphate hepta

There are many different grades of magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, including fertilizer grade, feed

grade and industrial grade. You can choose the most suitable magnesium sulfate heptahydrate from

our company according to your use area.

It is used as a source of magnesium in liquid plant nutrition product formulations. Due to the water

solubility of magnesium sulphate in liquid formulations, it is mainly used as a source of

magnesium. In addition, because of its sulfur content, it provides a sulfur source for fertilizer formulation.


Although it is used as a raw material for the formulation of plant nutrition products, it is also used as a

direct fertilizer in agriculture. Magnesium sulphate is used to increase the content of magnesium or sulfur

in soil. It is most commonly used in potted plants or magnesium deficient crops, such as potatoes, tomatoes,

carrots, peppers, lemons and roses. Magnesium sulphate is the magnesium source of soil, but it will not

significantly change the soil pH value.

Feed additive 

Magnesium is a large mineral necessary for healthy life and development of animals. Magnesium sulfate

is used as an additive in animal feed to eliminate magnesium deficiency. It is used to regulate the digestive

and excretory systems of animals.

Industrial applications

In the textile industry; Magnesium sulphate hepta is used as a weighting agent (finishing makes the fabric heavier).

It is an inorganic material used for leather processing. It is used to make pain killing lotion, face cream and

essential oils. The cathartic salt used in bath salt can treat the skin inflatamed wounds. It is used in marine

aquariums to maintain the calcification process and magnesium concentration of stone corals. Used as a

reagent in laboratory analysis.



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