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Ammonium sulphate fertilizer
Ammonium sulphate fertilizer Ammonium sulphate fertilizer Ammonium sulphate fertilizer Ammonium sulphate fertilizer Ammonium sulphate fertilizer

Ammonium sulphate fertilizer

Product ID : AS-116
Product Attributes :

Name: Ammonium sulphate fertilizer

Formula: (NH4)2SO4

N: 20.5%

S: 23%

Moisture: 1%

Size: 2-5mm

Product Description


Granular ammonium sulphate fertilizer shown in the pictures. The color of granular ammonium sulphate is off-white, and its size is 2-4mm, and the content of N is normally 20-21%. 

When using ammonium fertilizers, it should be noted that ammonium sulfate cannot be applied for a long time, as ammonium sulfate is a physiological acidic fertilizer. Long term application in the same soil will increase its acidity and damage the particle structure; In alkaline soil, the ammonium ions of ammonium sulfate are absorbed, while the residual acid ions react with calcium in the soil, causing the soil to harden and harden.

Ammonium sulphate fertilizer is suitable for general soil and agricultural crops, and is commonly used in ammonium loving crops. Ammonium sulfate fertilizer can be used as a base fertilizer, as well as topdressing and seed fertilizer. When applying forced fertilizer, it is more economical and effective to apply a large amount of nutrients to the soil near the root system in the first few days of crop growth. However, attention must be paid to applying it when there are no water droplets on the stem and leaf surface to avoid damaging the crop.

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